The answer is ‘YES’!

Can we help you create a road map for your business? YES!

Can we help you recruit and hire talented people? YES!

Can we help you increase your productivity and profitability? YES!

Can we help you grow your firm? YES!

Can we help you have a better life? YES!





What Agents Say About Working With Us

“I was anxious when I agreed to meet with Middleton Elite Coaching. The last year has been far from easy, and I have faced challenges I never saw coming; however, my coaches did. Before this experience, I wasn’t a big believer in being coached. Now, I can’t imagine not having my weekly coaching calls and being a part of the MEC family.”

 “MEC has been wonderful at helping with team-building and team-management advice. After only two years of coaching, my business went from an independent agent doing about $4M in production to the #2 team in my office! In year 5, I am more productive with my time and have a much more positive outlook on my business and life. I can’t wait to see what this year brings.”

 “This is an incredibly powerful coaching platform for helping any agent, whether new or established, design a plan for building their business. They have helped me stay motivated to push myself to be the best I can be. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the real estate business. These coaches have proven track records in the industry and know how hard this business can be without a plan of action, systems in place, and accountability! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”