When you first began your career in real estate you were probably handed training guides, manuals, sales scripts, the whole gamut. What you likely were not given are the secret weapons of top-performing real estate professionals. These secret weapons are the things that top real estate professionals possess, whether intrinsically or inherently (yes, there is a difference) that will set us apart; apart from the rest of the more than 1.6M real estate professionals in the United States. Statistically, many real estate agents will likely leave the profession within the first 5 years.  


There is no secret sauce or magic recipe that can prepare a real estate professional for immediate success. The success will be hard-earned. 


It will require grit. 

It will require determination and drive.

It will require these 7 Secret Weapons of Top-Performing Real Estate Professionals.

1. Knowledge

2. Curiosity

3. Distinction

4. Network

5. Leverage

6. Intention

7. Accountability

7 Secret Weapons - MEC - Knowledge

1. Knowledge

Top real estate professionals have a clear understanding of their market. When asked “How’s The Real Estate Market?”, top real estate professionals can ask one great question and tell you without hesitation; “It’s great. Are you selling or buying?”

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Contrary to popular belief, the real estate market is actually not very difficult to predict. If you understand the pieces that drive seller supply, motivation, and buyer demand, you can determine its impact and help your clients win.

The more you can educate sellers and buyers about your market, the more they will trust and value your consultation. Using a specific data analysis of your current market to educate buyers and sellers is a secret weapon of top-performing real estate professionals. 


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7 Secret Weapons - MEC - Curiosity

2. Curiosity

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.” Benjamin Franklin

The desire to learn and grow is a characteristic of top performers in any industry. Knowledge is power, and curiosity is key. 

When applied to real estate, curiosity is the key for:

  • New Agents who are looking for a SOLID base to build upon
  • Solo Agents who desire to increase their skill set and market knowledge 
  • Lead Agents who commit to professional development for themselves, and want to grow their staff and their sales teams
  • Brokerage Firms who strive to bring consistent value to their agents

Top performers want to thrive. Even Michael Jordan had a coach. Sometimes, all it takes is an outside perspective to push you past your perceived limits.

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7 Secret Weapons - MEC - Distinction

3. Distinction

The very definition of distinction is excellence that sets someone or something apart from others. Top-performing real estate professionals have distinction. They are continually evaluating how they are setting themselves apart in their field and asking themselves-  “What is my niche?”

Distinction in real estate shows up as rising to the top of your market or gaining a competitive edge. Top-performers are consistently looking for ways to set themselves apart, elevating their game and WINNING in their market. 

Here’s a fun exercise for you… Google yourself. Seriously. What do you see? Are you setting yourself apart? Can people find you? Is your information accurate? If not, fix it!

Your brand, your marketing, your sellers, your listings, your buyers, your consultations…these should all be unapologetically distinctive of you

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Your Listing Guide - Middleton Elite Coaching
7 Secret Weapons MEC - network

4. Network

Harnessing the power of relationships is a tool that all top real estate agents use to magnify their impact. They understand the importance of connection and that their network is the key to future growth in real estate. 

The more you can offer to your network, the more they can offer you. Building a real estate referral network will help generate leads and drive your business forward. 

When the contacts in your network become part of your database, you are able to more effectively foster these relationships, stay connected, and generate more business. 

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How To Generate More Listings From Your Database
7 Secret Weapons - MEC - Leverage

5. Leverage

We were so close to calling this secret weapon ‘Support’. When used as a verb (or even an adverb), support is reactive. It is something you do or receive after a goal has been set or a need has been identified. 

There are many highly-successful people who had little or no support at all. Their competitive drive and desire for personal greatness is what propelled them to where they are today. 

Leverage, on the other hand, is proactive. Many top-performing real estate professionals will hit a road block without it. 

Top agents are hesitant to commit to delegating, as a means to leverage, for 3 main reasons:

  1. Control – You are a control freak
  2. Lack of Confidence in Others – You don’t have a high level of confidence in the skillset of the person to whom you are delegating the task.
  3. Guilt – You feel guilty for handing the task off to someone else. You either don’t think it is their job, or you think they wouldn’t appreciate being asked to do the work.

As a real estate business owner, you will come to understand that if you don’t have leverage you have a job, not a business.

MEC’s Debbie Lariviere teaches us how to Delegate and Leverage Like A Pro

Top-performers build successful teams of talented people. They do so because they understand that being in business with the right people can provide the leverage that is needed to help them achieve their goals.

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The 4 Points of Recruiting and Retention
7 Secret Weapons - MEC - Intention

6. Intention

Picture it… Your alarm clock goes off, you hit the snooze button. The extra 8 minutes of sleep cost you the extra 8 minutes you may have had to make one more call today. The 8 minutes may have been the difference between being able to stop for a snack between listing appointments, and not. 

What if… Your alarm clock goes off and you turn it off the first time it rings; you sit up and place both feet on the floor. The 8 minute snooze you could have had now becomes a 8 additional minutes of productivity for the day. You will undoubtedly feel better about your day because it began with intention

This same level of intention can be applied to almost any aspect of real estate. The intention behind our preparation, our practices, and our performance will determine whether or not we rise to the top. Our willingness and desire to succeed is directly related to our drive. If we want to be top-performers, we intentionally pursue winning as our standard. 

Hitting your goals is easier when you have a clearly defined road map. A great coach can help you reinvent the way you measure success so you can set the RIGHT objectives for your business, with intention.

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7 secret weapons - MEC - Accountability

7. Accountability

We’ve saved the best for last. The single most important secret weapon of top-performing real estate professionals is accountability.  Accountability is a cornerstone for success

“Accountability brings response-ability”Stephen Covey

Here are some direct quotes from real estate professionals who have an active accountability measure in place for their success:

I have become more focused and know exactly what to do to keep the pipeline full no matter what the market is doing around me.”

“She is able to give me perspective, guidance, and direction that I would never be able to have without her.”

“Having someone that always has my best interest in mind is invaluable.”

These are the words of top-performing real estate professionals who are currently working with a real estate and business coach. More specifically, they are working with Middleton Elite Coaching

Our Clients are among the top 1.49% of all real estate professionals in the US – a well-deserved distinction that was brought forth by knowledge, curiosity, and leverage; and measured through a network of accountability. Boom 💥

9 Ways A Real Estate Coach Can Help You

9 Ways A Real Estate Coach Can Help You

Final Thought 

If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck. If you hang out with eagles, you’re going to soar. If you implement the 7 Secret Weapons of Top-Performing Real Estate Professionals, well…


Be Elite!

Bill, Debbie, & The MEC Team


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