Operations Assistant

My name is Alexis Lariviere. My fundamental core values include the following:

  • The importance I place on bringing positive energy to every situation.
  • The significance of helping others reach their full potential.
  • The motivation to work hard to accomplish my personal and professional goals.  

The focus on these values began with my first job. As a Junior in high school, I worked as a server at a local retirement home. At first, I questioned this job opportunity because it wasn’t a typical high schooler’s “dream job”. I decided to go in with a positive attitude and truly loved it. While it seemed like a restaurant job, I realized it was actually the area the residents called home. Whether offering the residents an extra scoop of ice cream or socializing with them as they ate their lunch, I always went above and beyond to bring joy. I worked hard daily to bring a smile to their faces because I realized how hard living away from their family and friends must be. 

When Covid struck my senior year, it stopped my working opportunities, but it gave me time to prepare for my next big step – college. I attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I am a rising Senior and have always had a strong academic drive. The science classes for my major stimulate my love for learning and make me enjoy working hard each day to accomplish my future goals. 

As much as I love learning about these topics, I also realized I love teaching them. I was connected with a family during my sophomore year of college with a daughter struggling to graduate high school due to learning challenges. I spent almost every morning before school at her house, teaching her the material in fun and interactive ways. After months of working with her, she proudly wore a cap and gown and walked across the stage. That was one of the most significant moments of my life. I know that because of my leadership, patience, and commitment, I was able to change someones life. She was so intrigued by what I was currently learning in school that she began pursuing a degree in Biology at High Point University.

MEC embodies strong values of leadership, helping others, and growth. I am honored to be able to work virtually as an Operations Assistant with such a fantastic group of people. I am excited to aid in the growth of this company and learn along the way! My past experiences have positioned me to fit in well with Bill, Debbie, Sheri, and the MEC Family.   

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