Partner + Head Coach


Before we get started, here are three main things you need to know about me:

  • I am a firm believer in that “everyone defines success differently.”
  • I am always looking at “What’s Next?” from both a personal and professional growth standpoint.
  • I don’t do anything part-time.

After ten years of working in the sports medicine industry, I obtained my real estate license. My husband and I had begun investing in real estate, and I wanted to understand the market better and be at the forefront of locating investment properties.

In 2002 I started my career as an independent agent. During the next three years, I hired administrative
support for transaction processing and marketing, then partnered my business with another broker. We built a team of agents and closed $35+ million in sales.

In 2007, while pregnant with my 3rd daughter, my husband and I relocated from Orlando, FL, to
Wilmington, NC. We love all the coast has to offer! Upon moving to NC, I decided that motherhood should take precedence for a short time. While obtaining my NC real estate license, I entered back into the Sports Medicine industry to spearhead launching a private Physical Therapy Practice. During this time, I utilized my leadership and hiring skills to bring on staff, negotiate insurance and workers’ compensation contracts, manage the financials, and promote the practice through business development.

In 2012, I began ramping up my real estate career in Wilmington, NC. Initially, I ran a large sales team
and was the listing specialist while simultaneously growing a national real estate firm. In 2014, I was
elected to the Wilmington Board of REALTORS and served for four years. By December of 2014, I
officially took the Office Manager/CEO role for the national firm and was in this role until December 2017. In that time, I recruited over 300 agents and grew a very successful and profitable office.

In 2017, after an extensive evaluation of my “what’s next?” I knew my calling was to focus more on agent and leadership development. In January 2018, I partnered with Bill Middleton in launching Middleton Elite Coaching. MEC allows me to live out my passion for helping others define their specific level of success and creating action plans for exceeding their goals! Through MEC, we have grown by creating customized coaching programs for top real estate agents, teams, and brokerages across the nation and Canada. We also specialize in working with loan officers, financial planners, and property management companies in business growth, profitability, and development.

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