Business Coach

My phone rang minutes before the pitch began. On the other end was my assistant who said, “Jim, the highway patrol is looking for you.”  I stumbled out of the boardroom and into the hallway to dial the number I had just been given.

It was 2003, and I had just launched a marketing consulting agency with my business partner. We had flown from our headquarters in Las Vegas to Minneapolis with the intent of pitching our consulting services to the chairman of Sun Country Airlines.

On the other end of the phone line was an officer who simply said, “Mr. Gray, your wife and daughter have been in a serious car accident. Your daughter is fine.” There was a long silence as I gathered every shred of courage I could muster to ask 

“Is my wife alive?”  

“Mr. Gray,” he began slowly, “I’m not a doctor, but you need to get here right now.” 

Less than 5 hours from hanging up that phone call, I was back in Las Vegas standing at the foot of my wife’s bed having just been told by a doctor that although she was alive, she may never open her eyes again.

Over the next 6 years, and with the support of family and friends, I worked to bring my wife home while raising my daughter and continuing to build my consulting business. This was a difficult time for me both personally and professionally. 

In 2010, and after much consideration, my business partner and I parted ways. I left the home that I had created for my recovering wife and daughter and moved my family to my hometown of Rochester, NY.

Though this move was necessary at the time, it felt very much like failure. It had been costly to dissolve my business, my wife was severely handicapped and I had a 10-year-old daughter depending on me. 

In 2012, I decided to pursue Real Estate. I remember setting up my home office with excitement while thinking to myself, “This has to work. I will make this work.” 

During my first full year in real estate, I sold 57 houses. I was the top agent at my office for my first 2 years of practice. 

In 2017, I became a coach with MAPS Coaching, an affiliate of Keller Williams Realty.  

From 2013 to 2019, I sold 437 homes while leading a small team and Coaching 15 Clients.

In 2018, while continuing to coach agents at MAPS, I rolled my team into the 14 Moves International expansion network and became the Director Of Lead Generation. I was responsible for creating systems and strategies to supply leads to 50 agents, over 7 team locations across 3 states. During this time, 14 Moves International sold over 1,200 homes and was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the 31st largest team in the world across all real estate brokerages. 

In 2020, 14 Moves International merged with a select group of real estate industry leaders, moved to eXp Realty, and re-branded as Thrive Real Estate Network. 

Determined to be a part of a Coaching company with which I could grow, I joined Middleton Elite Coaching. The decision to align my personal coaching practice with MEC’s customized, client-centric approach was easy. MEC is innovative and highly-effective, which is why I am very excited to serve the clients of MEC!

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