Sheri Horvath

Sheri Horvath

Director Of Operations

I believe in working hard and being nice to people. This simple and straight-forward concept is something I’ve carried with me throughout my life. I have an unrelenting passion for growth and success through hard work and dedication.

For 20 years, I have dedicated myself to helping small businesses grow into larger, more impactful organizations. My journey began at 22 when I founded Sheri’s Edible Designs, a custom cake art studio in Bluffton, SC. Over the next decade, I created thousands of custom cakes for weddings and special occasions, building strong relationships with clients through trust and connection. My work earned numerous awards and media recognition, including a feature on TLC’s ‘Fabulous Cakes – Southern Stars’. However, the rapid success became overwhelming, as my business lacked scalability, and I struggled to balance work with family life.

Rapid growth without a solid strategy led to burnout. My business needed a structured approach to sustain its success and allow me to maintain a balanced life.

Determined to help other businesses avoid my challenges, I joined a residential painting company and played a key role in its transformation from a million-dollar operation to a multi-dimensional, multi-million dollar enterprise. This experience ignited my passion for strategic growth and high-level project management.

In 2015, I brought my expertise to a luxury vacation rental company in Hilton Head Island, SC, as the Senior Property Manager & Director of Marketing. My team managed over 120 vacation rental homes, and I focused on maximizing owner revenue, minimizing expenses, and implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies and technology solutions. This role was both rewarding and enjoyable, reinforcing my commitment to helping businesses thrive.

During the pandemic, balancing career and family led me to join MEC as the Director of Operations in a virtual role. I was drawn to MEC’s culture, knowledge, and professionalism. Recognizing exceptional execution, I knew I wanted to be part of their success story.

At MEC, I LOVE building relationships and being a vital resource for our wonderful clients and their teams. My goal is to help you achieve your next level of development, ensuring MEC remains your trusted partner for business growth. I look forward to using my skills to contribute to your success in every way possible. I am excited to help you reach new heights and ensure your business thrives. Together, we can achieve exceptional results.

Outside of MEC, I am passionate about fostering meaningful connections and establishing partnerships in my local community (Pasco County, FL). I serve on the advisory board and community events committee with the West Pasco/Pinellas Business Association, further contributing to local business growth and development.

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