Business Coach


I was a client of Middleton Elite Coaching for 4 years before becoming a Coach myself. 

I’ve enjoyed helping top-performing clients create a framework for nearly every scenario. Doing so has allowed these clients to reach true business transformation and amazing growth to their fullest potential.  Some of my accomplishments as a Coach with Middleton Elite Coaching have so far included:

  • Helped 2 clients create a new partnership merging their businesses together.
  • Coached multiple clients find, acquire and purchase investment properties.
  • Coached a client through the process of hiring and training an amazing admin assistant.
  • Coached clients on recruiting, hiring and training new agents to their team.
  • And numerous other wins in accomplishing short-term, intermediate, and long-range business goals!

I’ve always valued hard work.

I was born and raised in South Carolina.  In fact, my family moved to the Greenville, SC,  area in the 1750s. 

I began doing odd jobs at 9 years old and got my first “real job” at 15, at one of the best places for a teenager to work – Chick-fil-A.  During my time there, I was trained really, really well.  I was managed really, really well.  And, I learned how to deliver a consistent product with a smile on my face.  As we learned to say: It’s my pleasure.

I’m an opportunist.

In 1991, while in college, my brother and I started a business selling peanuts at a minor league baseball stadium.  Little did I know it prompted a 17-year career in the restaurant industry.  We built that business to 4 locations with 50 employees that handled the food service for 3 private schools and operated a massive catering business.  During that time, I honed my skills in problem-solving and conflict resolution.

At 23 years old, while running our restaurant business, I bought my first investment property.  Since then, I’ve flipped houses, bought and sold many residential and commercial properties, and negotiated commercial leases.  Currently, I own and/or am a partner in 18 properties for a total of 37 doors.

I enjoy navigating the complexities of business.

 In 2006, I got into commercial real estate.  One of the biggest lessons I learned during that era was the importance of being prepared. At one point, I was handling 28 properties under contract in 7 different states and 4 completely different industries.

In 2012, I joined a growing healthcare company.  Even though we had over 350 people in the company, I appreciated the company’s commitment to strong corporate culture.  We worked hard, saved lives every day, and had direct access to the executives – including getting to be in a book club with the founder.  Having my first experience in corporate culture at Chick-fil-A at age 15, I can see where strong culture has been a recurring thread in my life.

I began my residential real estate career in 2016, with my business partner, Kirby.  In 2020, our team closed 138 transactions for $38M in volume, and 2021 far outpaced 2020.  I love watching the personal and professional growth of the team.  I discovered that leadership showed up when I decided to be a leader.

My wife, Carter, and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in 2021.  We have 3 amazing kids (Jack, JB, and Libby), a cat named Princess Leia, and a puppy in the near future. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, reading, and anything outdoors – particularly running, hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, and mountain biking.


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