Better Than Before. The month of April may turn out to be the most important month of the entire year.  It’s the month for MASSIVE ACTION.  Stay focused on the leading indicators of your business that will impact your June/July.  Resist the urge to get lulled to sleep by your April closings.  The headwind is likely to continue for at least a few more weeks.  Let’s gooooooo! 

Welcome to week 3 of The Double Down Newsletter!

Some takeaways from last week’s Live Stream Events:

We’re tripling down on our activities.  Our Team is making 3X as many contacts per day right now. – Ben Mathis

We’ve been practicing daily since we were 5 years old. – John Brewster and Connor Hollifield

Hardship produces and sense of endurance.  Leadership thrives in chaos.  – Mike Ashcraft

If you missed any of last week’s Events, you can catch them on-demand at our Middleton Elite Coaching Facebook Page.

Digital Wednesday – 1pm EDT
Coach Ben Mathis will cover what to do with the video content library you’re building, and the follow up strategy that allowed his Team to set 23 appointments last week (not a typo).

Live Music Thursday – 5pm EDT
We welcome John Brewster back to the MEC (virtual) Stage for Live Music, Inspiration, and Fun Times. BYOB and your Friends. ?

Thought Leader Friday – 12noon EDT
Shaun Rawls is the Founder of The Rawls Group in Atlanta, GA. In 2019, his Firms finished #32 on the REAL Trends list of top Brokerages with over 13,000 closed transaction sides. Shaun is also a highly accomplished speaker, author, and great friend of MEC.
Streaming Live at

ICYMI…here are last week’s Live Streams.

Digital Marketing Wednesday – Leveraging Listing Video Assets

Live Music Thursday – from Switchfoot to Stevie Wonder

Mike Ashcraft
Hope looks like Patience and tests our willingness to stay in things.

What We’re Reading

1. What we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while.

3. Focus on Actions, not Outcomes.

5. Things often get harder, before they get easier.

As many of you know, we’re huge fans of Gretchen Rubin. Check out her work in Better Than Before and The Four Tendencies.

Better Than Before

Habits are the invisible architecture of daily life. We repeat about 40% of our behavior almost daily, so if we change our habits, we change our lives.

But that observation just raises the question: “Okay, how do I change my habits?” These resources will help you get started. Alas, no magic, one-size-fits-all solution exists—you must know yourself, and choose the strategies that work for you. It turns out that it’s not hard to change your habits, if you know what to do.

Once you’re ready, the best time to begin is now. – Gretchen Rubin

What We’re Listening to…


If you missed Garth & Trisha Live, it’s definitely worth watching.They played a lot of original tunes, as well as covers of Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, and more. Check it out here.

The Parting Shot… Commit to a Multiple

As we noted at the top of the Newsletter, April is the month of Activities. How do we quantify that?

1. Commit a Multiple – 1.5X… 2X… 3X… more?

2. Apply the multiple to EVERYTHING.  Time… contacts made… quality marketing pieces produced… think time… study time… EVERYTHING that is important.

3. Do the work in April… that will determine the closings we have in June and July.  Simple. Focused. Action Oriented.