The Value of Home Valuation Tools

Customized Video: A New and Advanced Feature of Homebot


Debbie Lariviere and Lisa Quin, two of Middleton Elite Coaching’s real estate and business coaches, recently discussed the value of using home valuation tools, such as the favored tool Homebot; and how to maximize using it to increase engagement, generate more business, and connect with your clients meaningfully. Lisa and Debbie demonstrate the value of these features in this video. We also highlight it all in this article. 


What is Homebot


Homebot is a home valuation tool that allows you to send a monthly report to your clients, giving them a checkup on the value of their home and what the value could be for Airbnb or investment purposes. 

Homebot is one of the most value-driven tools real estate professionals have available. The value for the cost is exceptionally high, the tool is easy to use for both the real estate professional and the client, and the more advanced features can help grow your business.

Using this tool, your clients can view a graph of the history of their home since they purchased it and a reasonably accurate automated home value. This report will allow your clients to see what they’ve paid to date in principle and interest, the net worth of their home, and the growth pattern of their investment over time. It will even show them what they can do with their equity or how much they can save if they pay a little more each month.


Using Homebot’s New and Advanced Video Features


Homebot recently added new and advanced customized video features that allow you to connect with and remain in front of your clients more personably. These new features have also helped to position Homebot as more of an interactive engagement tool and less of a data-driven report.


Homebot lets users record, edit, and format custom videos for nearly every communication touch point through a client’s lifecycle. 


Creating custom videos that welcome your clients to the Homebot tool is now possible. Lisa has created videos educating her clients about trading up to a new home. She has even included videos her preferred lender partner created educating her clients on financing options, the pre-qualification process, and more. 


Lisa says a popular video in her Homebot tool has the topic ‘Should you sell?’


“Wow. How many times do we get that question? And because the answer is that it depends, a conversation is the ideal next step. When a link to the video ‘Should you sell?’ shows up on my client’s report, clicking the link will no longer only give them more data; they now get my face and hear me engaging with them with a call to action to give me a call.” said Lisa.


Using Homebot’s customized video feature, Lisa has moved away from sending this type of call to action through an email campaign that she only hopes her client will open. Now they can view this information with one click within a report they are already opening, reading, and engaging with. 


Lisa emphasizes the importance of communicating valuable information to her clients. She isn’t a fan of sending numerous emails on individual topics. She appreciates the Homebot tool’s solution covering all vital information within one valuable monthly report. 


Through branded reports and customized video tools, Lisa has introduced her clients to a powerful tool keeping them informed about their home’s value and equity and tracking trends in the market while providing insights on how they can build wealth through real estate. This has been extremely valuable to her clients in making informed decisions. Her clients look forward to receiving their monthly reports, and Lisa has seen increased client engagement. 


There are several tips and strategies that both Lisa and Debbie have for Homebot’s users who wish to include custom videos. 


1. The length of your video is essential.


Lisa believes the key to an engaging video is to keep it under 30 seconds. She ensures she has included enough information to engage them and not over-communicate the details. The idea is to get them to call you to discuss further.


2. Use Homebot scripts.


Homebot has included scripts for many videos, some of which include buyer intros, new home scripts, financing, whether or not you should sell, and more. 


3. Upload videos through integrations with YouTube and BombBomb.


While Lisa is an active user and advocate of BombBomb, she recommends using YouTube integration when uploading videos. She prefers YouTube because she has seen email reports containing BombBomb video links end up in the promotions tab of a client’s inbox. In contrast, emails using a YouTube link have been delivered to the recipient’s primary inbox, which is ideal. 


4. Use apps and recording tools to assist you in creating quality videos.


Lisa recommends using a teleprompter app like Teleprompter or BigVu to help you stay on script and feel more natural on camera. She prefers a conversational style and strives to appear confident and personable while recording videos. Using a teleprompter app has allowed her to speak her script into her phone, and the app will scroll the text in large font across her phone screen as the video is recording. Lisa follows along and delivers a more polished and professional video than she believes she could otherwise do without the apps.


5. Use a good light and tripod for recording video. 


Using a tripod and ring light kit has helped Lisa produce a video that looks more professional and forgiving. This tool is a relatively inexpensive investment at around forty dollars on Amazon. Lisa’s ring light kit comes with a tripod, phone mount, and light, though some kits also include a remote with a button for starting and stopping the recording. 


6. Your phone position and angle matter when recording video for Homebot.


Lisa recommends that you record videos in horizontal or landscape orientation. Homebot’s reports favor these formats. Additionally, she recommends that the position of your phone camera be up and angled downward at you rather than being lower and angled up at you. She demonstrates the noticeable difference for us here. 


7. Pause before starting and after stopping the recording.


Debbie recommends allowing yourself to pause before beginning to speak and after you have finished speaking before reaching for your video start/stop button. The need for more room to trim your video on either side can make editing more challenging.


8. The 3-Take Rule.

Another recommendation of Debbie’s is only to allow yourself three takes of your video. She feels that you’ll need one take to practice reading from your teleprompter and that the second and third takes are usually better. She believes that more than three takes can frustrate you and show up as though you forced a smile in delivering your message. Picking the better of the three takes will likely allow your video to remain more authentic and less rehearsed. 


A Meaningful Touchpoint 


The Homebot tool was designed to allow you to generate reports that can be a meaningful touchpoint for your clients. Lisa and Debbie both agree that Homebot allows you to offer value and monitor your client’s activity within your monthly reports, i.e., what they’re clicking on and most interested in, which can be a way for you to generate more listings or buying opportunities. Homebot also allows you to retain your clients because you’re staying in touch meaningfully



Final Thought


We hope this has been extremely valuable for you as you utilize the Homebot home valuation tool and that you will increase engagement and continue to grow your business.

If you are looking for additional ways that Middleton Elite Coaching can guide you in using Homebot to its full potential while creating other actionable ways to grow your business, connect with us here


Be Elite!

Debbie, Lisa, & The MEC Team