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How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost?

How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost?

If you’re looking at coaching as an “expense” then we’d encourage you to reframe your thinking… consider it an investment. You’re investing in yourself. You’re in investing in your business. You’re expecting a return on your investment, and Middleton Elite Coaching is here to help you get that. Customized real estate coaching with Middleton Elite Coaching starts at a cost of $1250 per month. Creating a solid plan for the future of your real estate business can (and should) take at least a year of actionable strategizing with an expert coach. Would you pay $15,000 to 2-5x your business over the next 12 months?

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As someone that has been in the Real Estate business for many years I value the perspective that Bill and Debbie give our team on a variety of topics. The saying goes “its hard to teach an old dog new tricks”. In my case that is amplified by my pure stubbornness. To talk with people I respect in the business each week opens my mind to ideas and business strategies I would not have tried otherwise.

Kirby Bridwell

The Kirby-Zane Team of Keller Williams Realty - Greenville, SC