Most of your competition is on an extended Spring Break.
Now is the chance to Out-think them… Out-work them… and gobble up market share!

Some takeaways from last week’s Live Stream Events:

On the other side of this, we’re certain that VIDEO is going to stick and become even more mainstream. – Ben Mathis

The magic comes from how you feel about where you are in the moment as a starting point.  – Jean Rioux

In case you missed it, last week we Launched our  Working with Buyers Skills Course – only $99 for six sessions of world-class knowledge (and more).

You can also binge watch all of our past LiveStreams on-demand at our Middleton Elite Coaching Facebook Page.

This Week’s (Virtual) Live Events
Digital Wednesday – 1pm EDT

Coach Ben Mathis will dig deeper into utilizing video marketing… everything from the importance of Facebook Live to how to create video walking tours of properties.

Live Music Thursday – 5pm EDT

We welcome John Brewster back to the MEC (virtual) Stage for Live Music, Inspiration, and Fun Times.  This week’s show is an “all request” show. 

Thought Leader Friday – 12noon EDT

Don Kottick is the President & CEO of  Sotheby’s International Realty, Canada.  We’ll be discussing International Market Trends, and what top agents and brokerage firms are doing to stay ahead of the the game.

Buyers are Liars…

At least that’s what I thought after showing 50 houses (in a weekend) to the first buyers I ever worked with…

Then, a mentor told me:  You’re doing it all wrong.

Over the years, I learned that Working with Buyers is:
Process… An Art… and, a Science. 

Here’s the story…

ICYMI…here are last week’s Live Streams.

Digital Marketing Wednesday with Coach Ben Mathis 
Video Creation and Content Curation

Live Music Happy Hour with John Brewster

Mindfulness, Perspective, and Overcoming Adversity
with Jean Rioux of Jiva Yoga Center.

  What We’re Listening to

Many of you know the Patrick Lencioni is one of our favorite authors/speakers.  In a recent book, he outlines the 3 essential virtues of The Ideal Team Player:

1. Humble
2. Hungry
3. Smart

Check out the podcast where he discuses the “Quarran-Team” and how to build a cohesive team in a virtual environment. Here’s a great visual to go along with the discussion:


What We’re Watching

To dig in more on Creating a Cohesive team and avoiding the Dysfunctions of a “Quarran-Team,” check out Lencioni’s TEDx Talk on the topic.




The Parting Shot… Humility
Humility isn’t thinking less of ourselves it is thinking of ourselves less.
– C.S. Lewis