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2008 may have been the worst time to get into real estate… or it may have been the best time. I had spent 5+ years cutting my teeth on building businesses, hiring, and managing a private restaurant group, but I was desperate for a new path and career opportunity.
In my first year of real estate, I had only made $18,000 in commission income, and I was ready to hang it up and return to the restaurant industry. I was doubting myself, my abilities, the market, and almost everything else.

As a last-ditch effort, I attended a conference for a large national real estate franchise. To my surprise, I encountered hundreds of agents having the best years of their careers in arguably one of our lifetime’s worst real estate markets. A 27-year-old at the time, I was either naive enough or intelligent enough (likely the former) to believe that I could replicate what I saw them doing. Lucky for me, it worked.

Fast forward, and over the past decade, I’ve done almost everything you could imagine in the real estate business, and I have the t-shirts and battle scars to prove it! Some of the highlights have been:

• Sold real estate at a high level and mastered working with buyers, sellers, developers, and investors
• Spent 5 years running large brokerage firms, including one of the most profitable in a large franchise system
• Trained thousands of salespeople as a national keynote speaker and presenter
• Coached hundreds of people on team/business building
• Built a successful coaching company where I work with agents, teams, and brokerages in the Top 1% of their North American markets.

I wanted to build something impactful while still being able to work with highly successful real estate agents. As a result, Middleton Elite Coaching was born in 2017. Over the past 7 years, MEC has gone from non-existent to the “secret weapon” of many top real estate teams across the US and Canada. Last year, our clients closed 3,500 units for over $ 3 billion (with a B) in sales volume, and our clients are consistently named to REALTrends ‘America’s Best’ ranking reports.

A mentor of mine once told me to “always go where you can make the most impact.” In 2022, I began pouring our expertise into speaking in front of as many business professionals as possible. I have facilitated successful masterminds at large events, have delivered half and full-day live sessions on leadership, profitability, market updates, exit strategy, (Thriving, Winning, Advancing, and Dominating) in a Changing Market, and many more.

In the fall of 2022, MEC concluded a 6-city tour where we delivered impactful, actionable strategies to hundreds of agents, teams, and brokers. In 2023, we attended and presented at numerous national conferences and led workshops and educational sessions for some of the country’s Top real estate and property management professionals. In 2024, we hosted our 3-city ‘Productivity Accelerator Program,’ an elite-level skills camp. And, there’s more where this came from!

Through our focus on leading and coaching the entire individual rather than just the business, we have connected with people on a level that we’re proud of. We are excited for the opportunity to continue doing so through events like yours.


 Interested in having a high-caliber coach from MEC speak at your next event or conference? Our team has a passion for not only communicating, but for connecting with an audience, challenging the way they think, and motivating them to action.




Jason McClendon McClendon Realty Review

“MEC has been a game-changer for our business! From day one, their coaching helped us identify and address crucial gaps. We saw an immediate impact and ROI from the first session. With their guidance, we exceeded our $1M GCI goal and have surpassed it for three consecutive years. Seeing top agents and teams across the country choose MEC affirmed our decision—we wanted to reach our goals and exceed growth expectations just like them. Working with MEC has allowed us to feel supported, and we’re thrilled to continue our journey with them by our side. If you’re considering MEC, take the leap—you won’t regret it. “

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews

Coaching with Bill and MEC has been a wonderful experience for the last three years. They helped me become a better leader, gain clarity on issues I faced, motivate myself, and fill in the gaps where I needed help. For someone who resisted coaching for years, this was one of the best decisions I made for myself and for my business.

Middleton Elite Coaching - client review

“Bill and the entire MEC team are fantastic. I have had the pleasure of working with one of their coaches, and it has absolutely boosted my business. I have no doubt that MEC will continue to be instrumental in my future real estate successes!“

Please reach out to inquire about rates and availability