There is light at the End of the Tunnel. Some combination of the news cycle, statements from government officials, and people being stir-crazy are leading to (in most markets) more activity and more positivity. It’s week 6 of the Double Down Newsletter, and the gap is widening.  Those who remain diligent and focused are filling the pipeline.  Those who aren’t…aren’t.

If you’re in the former group, keep your foot on the gas!
If you’re in the latter group, it’s not too late.  Plug in to the idea-fest below.

In this week’s edition:

  • Importance of Facebook Groups
  • Upcoming Live (Virtual) Events
  • On-Demand Buyer Skills Course
  • Thoughts from the CEO of Sotheby’s
  • Digital Marketing & Video Tips
  • Rise and Grind, Daymond John
  • Market Activity Report

Facebook Groups are all the rage these days. In fact, FB has put such an emphasis on groups that they showed this 60 second commercial during the Super Bowl.

For more on why, check out this article from CNBC.
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This Week’s (Virtual) Live Events

Streaming Live in our Facebook Group
? Digital Marketing Wednesday – 1pm EDT
Each week, Coach Ben Mathis has been sharing what’s on the cutting edge of Digital Marketing for Real Estate. This week, we’ll be talking about creating, acquiring, and maximizing Groups.

? Live Music Thursday – 5pm EDT
John Brewster will be back to the MEC (virtual) Stage for Live Music, Inspiration, and Fun Times. Last week’s all request show sparked sing-alongs, date nights, and more. Catch the replay here.

? Thought Leader Friday
We’re taking a break from Thought Leader Friday this week to host a Private (virtual) Mastermind Event for our Clients and their Team Members. We’ll be back next Friday (May 8th) at 12pm EDT. In the meantime, check out last week’s interview with Don Kottick, the CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty (Canada) here.

Just Released:

✔️ 6 on-demand sessions
✔️ 5+ hours of content
✔️downloadbale workbook
✔️downloadable scripts book
✔️ Learn more here

Incase You Missed It – Click Below


Don Kottick, President & CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty (Canada).

6:00 – Brokerage Approach to COVID-19
9:16 – If you don’t connect with past clients now, remove them from your list, because they’re not going to be your clients any more.
19:00 – How to Lead in today’s market
24:00 – Impact of COVID on Luxury Real Estate
35:00 – Real Estate moving online
38:00 – Growing through challenging times

Watch the full interview here.

Coach Ben Mathis discusses the importance of VIDEO.

3:15 – Mindset of Video & Audience Design
10:49 – Branding and Lead Gen Ads
14:00 – Open House FB Live Instructions
31:07 – Objections to FB Live
36:47 – FB Messenger Prospecting

Watch the full training here.

What We’re Reading:

Get up early, ready to go, and go to bed tired from the hustle.

R – REPEAT Systematically do it over and over to develop great habits. Then, repeat again.
I – INSIST on your best, and the best of your Team. Life isn’t what you do. It’s what you negotiate.
N – NAVIGATE Sharks swim while sleeping. Use an athletic mentality and physical effort.
D – DESIRE. DRIVE. DETERMINATION. Let the nay-sayers drive you.


“The decline has stopped,” said ShowingTime Chief Analytics Officer Daniil Cherkasskiy. “Showings are rebounding. Our data indicate they continue to increase across the board, jumping 39 percent from two weeks ago, which represents the largest increase since the onset of COVID-19,” he added. Read the full article here.

The Final Word…

NOW is the time.

Resist the urge to think of it as things “getting back to normal.” A new normal is being established. One of increased health/safety diligence. One where leading with empathy matters even more. One where the relationships with our database are critical (see Don Kottick’s comment above). One where the accelerated adoption of new(ish) digital skills will be critical moving forward.

What got you here, won’t (necessarily) get you there.

The question is: How will you win in the new normal? We can help reach out for a FREE 30-minute exploratory call today! CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!