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Middleton Elite Coaching presents:

Dominating In The Future Real Estate Market 

Real estate professionals have 5 opportunities to join us for an unforgettable full-day event! Middleton Elite Coaching expert Real Estate and Business Coaches are hitting the road on a 5-city tour to deliver a jam-packed live educational workshop; teaching real estate professionals: 

  • Proven Strategies for Excelling in an Uncertain Market
  • Advanced Tactics for Real Estate Business Development
  • Customized Methods for Lead Generation and Marketing
  • Building, Leading and Retaining an Elite Team
  • Techniques to Predict the Future Real Estate Market

And how to dominate your real estate market now and in the future!

This event is not market specific and is open to real estate professionals from any market who want to dominate in theirs, respectively!

Space is limited! Be sure to register today!



This event is FREE for Middleton Elite Coaching Clients and their team members.

$50 for non-clients*

*All tickets sales are final

Lunch is provided

Bill and Debbie - Dominating In The Future Real Estate Market Presenters
Bill Middleton - Middleton Elite Coaching Founder and Head Coach

Bill Middleton

Middleton Elite Coaching Co-Founder + Head Coach

  • I began my real estate career in 2008 (totally serious)
  • I sold real estate at a high level and mastered working with buyers, sellers, developers, and investors
  • I spent 5 years running large brokerage firms, including one of the most profitable in a large franchise system
  • I’ve trained thousands of salespeople as a national keynote speaker and presenter
  • I’ve coached hundreds of people on team/business building

Learn more about Bill here.

Debbie Lariviere - Middleton Elite Coaching

Debbie Lariviere

Middleton Elite Coaching Co-Founder + Head Coach

  • I began my real estate career in 2003
  • I worked as an independent agent and built a team with a business partner where we closed $30M+ in sales volume
  • I am a firm believer that everyone defines success differently
  • I am always looking at “What’s Next?” from both a personal and professional growth standpoint
  • I don’t do anything part-time

Learn more about Debbie here.

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