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Control In A Changing Market: Cash Runway or Cash Run Away?

Control In A Changing Market: Cash Runway or Cash Run Away?

You’ve likely heard it in recent chatter. Perhaps you even heard it today. I am talking about the word collapse.
Amidst the buzz of a changing market is heard a variety of similar words. Any way you look at it, what we’re really discussing is changing market conditions.
When people become concerned about changing market conditions, one of the things they are most concerned about is the security of their cash flow; or their cash runway.
I typically like to ask a few questions of anyone who’s concerned about changing market conditions….

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Outcomes – 5 Steps To Propel Your Business Forward

Outcomes – 5 Steps To Propel Your Business Forward

Have you ever heard the saying “There are consequences for your actions?”.

If you play with fire, you’re more likely to get burned. If you play with bees, you’re likely to get stung. If you’re Coach Bill Middleton, you’ll get stung in the eye!

The key message behind the expression very much applies to the Outcomes Exercise. There are outcomes for your actions; growth, success, goals, new heights, and forward-moving propulsion. Go ahead and take action with this 5-Step exercise!

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As someone that has been in the Real Estate business for many years I value the perspective that Bill and Debbie give our team on a variety of topics. The saying goes “its hard to teach an old dog new tricks”. In my case that is amplified by my pure stubbornness. To talk with people I respect in the business each week opens my mind to ideas and business strategies I would not have tried otherwise.

Kirby Bridwell

The Kirby-Zane Team of Keller Williams Realty - Greenville, SC