Middleton Elite Coaching is celebrating a milestone year!

2022 has officially marked the 5th year that we have been coaching real estate agents, real estate teams, and real estate brokerages at a high level.

We think it’s exciting that we’ve reached the five-year mark. A lot of companies are unable to do that. Debbie and I recently reflected on what it means to each of us to have reached 5 years as a coaching company, and what we are most proud to have accomplished during this time. 

Middleton Elite Coaching celebrates 5 years in business

Debbie and I both agree that we’re always thinking of the opportunities we can bring to our company, to our team, and to the clients we work with. One of the things that have been most impactful has been our ability to take Middleton Elite Coaching from one-on-one coaching into brokerage coaching and property management coaching – even coaching lenders and financial advisors, too. 


We are especially proud of the work and effort we put into the continual development of our coaches and our programs. It is so, so very important to us to offer educational and developmental opportunities to our team as a way to foster their individual growth, as well as enhance the growth opportunities they can bring to our clients


It’s just been a really, really fun ride. We’re both incredibly thankful for the impact that we’ve been able to have on all of our current clients and will be able to have on our future clients as well. Middleton Elite Coaching is proud of where we are right now and also excited about where we’re headed next. 

Our partnership has grown a lot and we’ve grown individually, too. Without our personal growth, it could not be possible to grow together as partners. 


Working with high-caliber clients such as ours encourages and pushes us every day to dig into new content, make new connections, create opportunities for masterminds, and just really stretch ourselves in all the real estate verticals, not just real estate sales or working with teams.

Every day we are learning and helping people reach success. There’s just so much reward in what we do.

When thinking about our organization, we’re often reminded of the classic Jim Rohn quote which says that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. We’re very thankful to have built a solid team of coaches and staff. Having such a powerful team of intelligent people around us every day forces us to grow in our leadership in a really healthy way. As a result of this, we are always creating room for more talented people to be around us.

When Debbie and I ask ourselves “what’s next?”, the answer is usually some variation of the same thing; which is to continue to grow. We strive to continue to add clients and teams to our organization and to continue to grow in other verticals to help business owners everywhere. We want to continue to grow within the industry and push for the next level; always breaking through the ceiling.

We believe that what we do is more than just business coaching, it’s whole-person coaching. 


One of my early mentors in this business just said…

 “continue to go where you can impact the most people.”.

We’re fortunate to have had a lot of impact over the first five years in business and we are confident that the next five will continue to be about the total number of people we can impact through the work that we do.

If we’ve ever impacted you in any way, we’d love to hear about it, which you can do for us here (it would make an excellent birthday gift to us)! If you want to learn how to get started in a one-on-one customized coaching program, connect with us to schedule an exploratory call. We’d love to learn more about you and your business to discover how we can help you. Even if you are not in the real estate industry but have a business you would like to grow, reach out. We love to learn, we love to grow, and we would love to help you


To all of our current clients and their team members and to our coaches and staff, we’re really honored to be in business with you. Thank you for a great first five years – we’re looking forward to many, many, many more. 


Stay Elite!

Bill, Debbie, & The MEC Team