Middleton Elite Coaching + WizeHire: A closer look at our favorite recruiting platform


Middleton Elite Coaching co-founder + head coach, Debbie Lariviere, had the recent pleasure of being joined by one of the top recruiting platforms, WizeHire, to discuss the many ways that WizeHire can help you streamline your hiring process. You can check out this video here.

Middleton Elite Coaching has had the privilege of using this platform to assist numerous Clients in recruiting talented team members for over two years. We are members of WizeHire’s trusted Business Coaches network, an exclusive partnership designation that we are so proud to have.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at – 

  1. WizeHire overview and features
  2. Optimization opportunities for job posters
  3. Real-estate-specific hiring best practices
  4. Middleton Elite Coaching’s partnership discount with WizeHire

WizeHire Overview and Features

WizeHire is the leading hiring platform we use for helping our teams and our brokerages find really talented candidates. We have found a higher caliber of job seekers and have been able to expedite our hiring process using this platform.


WizeHire Is Integrated With Over One Hundred Job Boards

WizeHire will distribute your expertly-reviewed job ad to over one hundred+ job boards such as Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and LinkedIn, to name a few. These integrations  allow your job ad to be seen by more job seekers.

Best Practices For Writing Job Ads

Middleton Elite Coaching helps our Clients write their job ads in a way that is specific to the role they are working to fill. WizeHire also offers some job ad best practices for writing a job ad on your own. MEC’s coaches help our clients prepare fully optimized job ads that are ready to be viewed by job seekers. We assist our Clients in selecting the right job title and competitive salary range, offering our full support and opportunity for increased visibility.

WizeHire’s team of experts will review and assess your job ad for any optimization opportunities; including best practices, search engine optimization opportunities, ways to improve your company’s value proposition within your ad, as well as any suggestions for competitive compensation in your market. Once you and your MEC coach have made any necessary revisions to your job ad, it is ready to be posted.


Key Elements For A Successful Job Ad

Job seekers are looking for opportunities. What makes your role a standout role? Why should they join your team? What does your position offer them that others won’t? It is important to emphasize the key elements of a successful job ad. 

These key elements are:

  • Value Proposition
  • Responsibilities
  • Qualifications
  • Compensation


Value Proposition

Why should this applicant work for you instead of another team? What do you have to offer a team member in this role? Do you offer a competitive salary and benefits, training, development, continued education, paid time off, etc? What would make someone excited to join your team? Speak to it and do so confidently. 



List all of the responsibilities of the person in the role for which you are hiring. Be sure to be as detailed and specific as possible so that job seeker can assess their skill set and ability to be successful in this role. This will also allow you to set clearly defined expectations of the person in this position, and the applicant knowingly moves through your hiring process with that understanding and expectation. 



It is a great practice to comprehensively list all of the qualifications that the individual in this role must possess. Are there special licensing requirements or certifications for someone in this position? Do you require previous experience in this type of role? Is there a special skillset required in order to be successful on your team? This is an opportunity to outline these requirements to find the best fit and qualified candidate.



Provide as much detail as possible about the ways in which the person in this position will be compensated. Be sure to include whether it is salary or hourly and if there are any bonus opportunities. Is your compensation range dependent on a certain level of experience and do any opportunities for additional compensation exist?

The Job Seeker’s Journey Through The Hiring Process

Job seekers will begin the application process by being asked a series of screening questions and are offered the ability to complete a DISC assessment. The applicant’s DISC assessment report, resume, and other information will appear in your WizeHire dashboard where you are able to review applicants and filter them as qualified or unqualified based on the specific criteria for your role. Your WizeHire dashboard will include basic hiring stages that you can customize in an effort to help you keep qualified candidates organized as they move through your hiring process. WizeHire offers job posters some candidate best practices for working with candidates through the hiring process.


You will be able to review a candidate’s profile at a quick glance of your dashboard. This profile includes their resume, an overview of their work experience, their answers to your screening questions, as well as their DISC personality profile. Their DISC personality will also be given a score of Poor, Average, Very Good, or Excellent based on the best-fit personality type for your available position. WizeHire also offers fast and accurate background checks for candidates.


This will be valuable information to you for making an informed decision about moving applicants further in your hiring process. 


Messaging and Interviewing Qualified Candidates

WizeHire allows you to keep applicants informed all the way through the hiring process with a series of message templates. The job poster has the ability to send customized messages to applicants at every stage in the hiring process. Your WizeHire dashboard is an easy-to-use interface offering you quick-click communications as well as the ability to create job-specific custom message templates that can be sent to applicants individually or in bulk. Middleton Elite Coaching will send a bulk message to every candidate in the qualified stage that explains the next steps in the hiring process; saving us time and ensuring that candidates are contacted expeditiously. 


Middleton Elite Coaching best practice for hiring recommends replying to all qualified candidates as quickly as possible as a best practice. It is likely that yours is not the only job to which they’ve applied. Communication is a great strategy for recruiting the most talented members to your team, as these are the individuals who will likely have the highest number of immediate opportunities. 


WizeHire can help you create a job-specific custom interview guide when it is time to interview qualified candidates. This custom guide can be useful when multiple members of your team are conducting candidate interviews and you’d like to be sure that the interview questions are consistent. 


The insights tab in a candidate’s profile is a great place to see their information in a snapshot, and to add any custom notes you take during the interview. The insights tab is where you will find the candidate’s answers to your screening questions as well as their DISC personality, and any qualifying criteria of your role, such as possessing a real estate license.

Middleton Elite Coaching’s Partnership Discount With WizeHire

WizeHire has graciously agreed to partner with Middleton Elite Coaching to offer a 10% lifetime subscription discount. To take advantage of Middleton Elite Coaching’s partnership discount with WizeHire, you can follow this link

Interested In Learning More About WizeHire?

If you are interested in learning more about WizeHire or in scheduling a demo, you can email  partner@wizehire.com. You can also learn more WizeHire’s partnership with Middleton Elite Coaching by visiting www.wizehire.com/middleton-elite-coaching


Final Thought

Middleton Elite Coaching appreciates WizeHire’s continued advancement and development, the easy-to-use interface, and the high caliber of candidates we’ve been able to attract by using WizeHire as our recruiting platform of choice. We look forward to our continued partnership and working with WizeHire for years to come. 


Special thanks to Lexi Reeve and Katy Klefeker of WizeHire who helped us bring this information to you, and for your time and dedication to putting together such an informative video for our followers. 


Be Elite!


Debbie, Bill, and The MEC Team