Many real estate professionals agree that the past 12 months in their business have been the most challenging in quite some time. Recent market cycles have presented new challenges for the real estate industry.

We have been working with many of our clients to help them navigate various business hurdles, and we’ve been making great strides with an exercise on perspective that we invite you to participate in. 

An Exercise For Building Your Toolkit

Though it looks different for everyone, think back to another time in your business when things were tough. It may not necessarily be that the market was challenging, although it could be. Perhaps you lost an integral person in your team roster… or were running a growing business without a well-mapped plan. 


  • When did your business face difficult challenges you were not yet equipped to handle? 
  • What did you do in those times when everything felt hard? 
  • What changes did this time bring for your business?


If faced with this specific challenge again, you have the toolkit for handling it. The same problem may seem smaller in the future because you know what you did to get through it. Perhaps more important is knowing that you can get through it.

We are reminded of a great mentor and friend, Shaun Rawls, who says, ”Five years from now, you’ll tell this story in 30 seconds or less”. 

The obstacles we are facing right now are difficult because they are new or something we haven’t experienced at this level. If your work feels heavy, you can think of this challenging time as a small blip on your timeline.


Challenge As A Catalyst For Change

For many of our clients, these past experiences served as a launch pad for the systems and processes by which their businesses operate today. 

In the moment that you were thinking, “How in the world am I going get through this particular thing?” And then you figure out a way because that’s what high achievers do. And, it’s bumpy, and it’s circuitous, and it’s messy- though you ultimately figure out a way.

One common thread is that the challenge resulted in something much better than before they faced it. It helps them keep a positive outlook about navigating challenges because they are also excited about what change it might present. 


Final Thought

Our resilience gets built with experience over time.

Five years from now, you will be equipped to solve the problems you are currently facing. It only feels like a grind to get through it right now. You are plotting your course to a better, stronger business on the other side.


Be Elite!

Bill, Debbie, and the MEC Team

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