7-Step Process To Maximizing Your Property Management Company Profits Through Real Estate Sales


Our 7-Step process will show you how to turn homeowners, tenants, and applicants into sellers, buyers, and investors. Learn to keep your referrals in-house so you no longer leave money on the table!


We outline it all with done-for-you scripts, guides, incentive programs, prospecting plans, automated phone, text, and email campaigns, and more!


By following this proven, 7-step process, you'll be able to:

  • Implement the systems and tools necessary for managing your database and transaction processing!

  • Set up and use your price valuation system.

  • Build and use surveys to qualify tenants and homeowners as potential buyers, sellers, and investors. Make interest-based targeting a breeze!

  • Learn how to offer promotional incentives to tenants and homeowners through templates and sample incentives we've built for you!

  • Use automated campaigns to connect with and stay in front of all prospects. This guide includes a done-for-you automated email, phone, and text campaign!

  • Prospect leads through circle prospecting and open houses - we include scripts and strategies for both AND a substantial DISCOUNT CODE to our favorite lead processing system!

  • Host and attend networking events and seminars to generate homeowner, tenant, buyer, seller, and investor leads.


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