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We currently offer monthly coaching programs for: 

Real Estate Sales Teams

Individual Agents

Brokerage Firms


Pricing starts at $750 per month.


Middleton Elite Coaching has helped top-performing agents and real estate teams increase productivity and profitability by creating actionable growth plans, finding leverage, and recruiting (and retaining) talented team members. We’ve helped Clients across the U.S. and Canada increase their revenue, effectively manage their businesses, and achieve balance in their lives. More than 100 MEC Clients have been named to RealTrends ranking reports since 2019. We’re proud of the work our clients do day after day.



Our customized coaching is for you if you desire to:

  • Establish a plan for your growth
  • Set, track, and hit your goals
  • Stay on target
  • Identify and close the gaps in your business
  • Discover strategic tools that can help you generate more listings and increase revenue
  • Double, or even triple, your real estate business
  • Recruit and retain team members
  • Gain accountability
  • Become a great leader


  • Top-performing real estate agents – Agents with a successful sales track record who want to take their careers to the next level through production, profits, and increased GCI. 

  • Real estate teams (and team leaders) – High-performing teams seeking guidance on optimizing operations and increasing productivity. 

  • Brokerage Firm Owners – Owners and managers of real estate brokerage firms who want to improve profitability, management, and growth strategies.

  • Property management companies – Professionals in leadership positions within property management firms looking to increase profitability through real estate sales. Seeking insights on building (or enhancing) their real estate sales division. 

  • Real estate investors – Experienced investors interested in expanding their portfolios, building wealth through real estate, and diversifying their investments.

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We have helped real estate teams and team leaders …

Streamline Their Team’s Processes – We explore enhanced communication and efficiency within our client’s real estate teams by simplifying or creating streamlined processes. Our coaching programs have helped our clients optimize team dynamics for improved collaboration and productivity.

Build a winning team – We provide our clients with insights and strategies for attracting and retaining top talent for their real estate team. Our coaching programs guide the recruitment process, helping our clients understand what it takes to build and maintain a successful team.

Elevate Their Leadership – We help our clients tackle the intricacies of managing and motivating real estate teams, fostering alignment with overarching goals. Our coaching provides practical strategies to enhance leadership skills and create a high-performing team.

Achieve Sustainable Growth – We guide our clients through the challenges of scaling and expanding their real estate business without compromising profitability or team quality. Our coaching programs are customized to their goals to ensure a smooth and successful expansion. 

Are you ready to harness the power of MEC? Let’s get started! Schedule a FREE 30-minute exploratory call to explore the coaching program best suited for you.


We have helped top-performing real estate agents …

Unlock Greater Income Potential – Partnering with accomplished agents experiencing a plateau or decline in income, our coaching empowers them to overcome frustration and achieve renewed growth.

Achieve Effective Time Management – Juggling administrative tasks, client interactions, marketing endeavors, contract paperwork, showings, and open houses can be overwhelming. Our coaching helps agents achieve a harmonious work-life balance, even in challenging market conditions.

Navigate Challenging Markets – Understand and stay ahead of market and economic conditions affecting deals and commissions. Our coaching provides insights to help agents navigate and minimize the impacts of changing market conditions.

Stay Ahead of Industry Trends – Adapt and stay current with evolving industry trends and technologies with our coaching programs. MEC’s coaches and staff keep their finger on the pulse of emerging tools and systems so you can remain focused on the more significant work of building a more profitable business.

We have helped hundreds of top-performing agents break barriers, bust through ceilings, clear hurdles, overcome obstacles, and achieve new heights. See for yourself.


We have helped brokerage firm owners …

Strengthen Their Brokerage – We have mastered the art of recruitment with proven strategies to attract and enlist skilled agents to elevate our clients’ brokerages to new heights. Our coaching empowers brokerage firm owners to build a dynamic and thriving team.

Boost Their Bottom Line – We have elevated our clients’ brokerage’s success with tailored coaching that enhances productivity and drives profitability. Our proven strategies empower brokerage firm owners to achieve sustainable financial growth.

Outshine Their Competition – Our coaching services equip brokerage firm owners with strategies to excel in a competitive landscape. From commission structures and technology to culture and agent value, we provide tailored guidance to help them stand out against the competition.

Build for the Future – We guide firm owners in building a brokerage that can thrive in various scenarios and achieve long-term success. Our coaching programs are designed to assist brokerages in developing scalable models, preparing for mergers, and creating effective exit plans.

Our brokerage coaching clients are building more profitable, scalable, and marketable brokerages with our help. Schedule a free call with us to explore how.



We have helped property managers …

Unlock New Revenue Streams – We bridge the expertise gaps for property managers seeking to expand their profits by providing comprehensive coaching. Property management companies need more sales and marketing know-how to establish a successful real estate sales division. Our coaching equips property managers with the skills to maximize profits through strategic sales initiatives.

Optimize Resource Allocation – We understand property managers’ challenges in allocating resources to establish a real estate sales division. Our coaching provides strategic guidance on cost-effective methods for hiring, training, and developing real estate sales agents. We help property managers efficiently manage associated marketing efforts and administrative support, even with budget constraints during the initial phase of building a sales division.

Develop Unified Growth Strategies – Our property management coaching clients have expanded seamlessly by harmonizing property management and real estate sales divisions. Our coaching provides strategic guidance to navigate challenges in integrating systems, technology, and workflows, ensuring a cohesive and scalable approach to growth.

Overcome Competitive Dynamics – We help our clients work through the challenges associated with competition from established brokerages, teams, and agents. Our coaching addresses concerns about potential strains in relationships with current referring agent partners, providing strategies for successful coexistence and collaboration within the industry.

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We have helped real estate investors…

Optimize Their Portfolios for Success – Our coaching empowers real estate investors to discover new opportunities and effectively manage risk within their portfolios, ensuring strategic and diversified investments for sustained success.

Find Strategic Financing Solutions – We guide our real estate investor clients in securing financing for significant investments and projects, ensuring access to the necessary capital for successful endeavors.

Make Informed Investment Strategies – We empower our real estate investor clients with in-depth market research, helping them stay informed about trends and identify lucrative opportunities for successful investments.

Are you ready to harness the power of MEC? Let’s get started! Schedule your FREE 30-minute exploratory call today to find out which coaching program is best suited for you.

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What Agents, Teams, and Brokerages Say About Working With Us

“Hiring a coach was transformative for me, as I realized my work-life balance was askew despite my drive to succeed. Seeking a more flexible and creative coaching approach, I found Middleton Elite Coaching (MEC), drawn to its blend of existing systems with personalized guidance. With MEC, I received tailored coaching focused on my business needs. One early success was implementing a streamlined training plan for onboarding sales agents, which improved team integration and… keep reading

“The entire MEC team has been the biggest light in my real estate business! From the first call to the 100th, they listen to what you want, don’t pressure the “standard,” and create attainable accountability I couldn’t imagine finding anywhere else. I’m grateful for their real estate expertise and, even more so, for their substantial business acumen. These are a group of elite teachers, professionals, leaders, and mentors, and I am confident my business wouldn’t be the same without them!“

“Seven months into the year, and I’ve already surpassed last year’s goal…and last year was the best year of my career. Thank you, Bill and MEC, for pushing me and helping me develop strategies every week.”