Middleton Elite Coaching - Client Review

“Debbie has been a vital part of my 2022 real estate success! In a year where the market, interest rates and client needs changed rapidly, my weekly coaching calls with Debbie Lariviere were consistent. After almost 18 years as a realtor, I recognize just how important it is to my clients that I have a professional keeping me on track and helping me to improve their experience buying and selling homes together. Debbie leads by example and has shared many examples of how to keep elevating my business. Thank you for keeping my real estate business on top of it’s game! ”

– Brooke Davis, Seattle WA

Middleton Elite Coaching - Client Review


“Bill and the team are absolutely amazing! They’ve helped us so much providing tools, ideas, and perspective that would have taken us much longer to discover on our own. Growing a team is tough and being able to lean on a coaching team with experience like Middleton Elite Coaching is invaluable.”

– Justin Hunter, Asheville, NC

Greer Barsness The Michael Kaslow Team Review


As DOO for a team closing $52M+ in volume, I have been lucky enough to be coached by Debbie at Middleton Elite for almost two years now. Her outstanding accountability, fearlessness, creative ideas, ability to keep us locked in on the basics, and ceaseless support have allowed us to quickly onboard new agents, double our business, and continually find ways to streamline and improve our processes. With her help and leadership we’re consistently one of the top teams in our market. Thank you, Debbie + Middleton Elite Coaching, for all you do to keep our team growing and focused on what’s most important to us.”

– Greer Barsness, Minneapolis, MN

Jason McClendon McClendon Realty Review


Bill and his team have helped more than double my real estate business. Hands down the best business decision I have made. Thank you Bill for everything you do!

– Jason McClendon, Greenwood, SC

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Ala Chappelear - Chappelear and Associates review of Middleton Elite Coaching


Coaching with Bill and Debbie has been a wonderful experience for the last three years. They helped me step up to be a better leader, gain clarity on issues I faced, motivated me and filled in the gaps where I needed help. For someone who resisted coaching for years, this was one of the best decisions I made for myself and for my business.

– Ala Chappelear, Anderson, SC

Middleton Elite Coaching - Client Review


“Great experience with knowledgeable coaching!”

– Michael Childs, Greenville, SC

Allie Parker of Parker Residential, review of Middleton Elite Coaching


Debbie and the entire MEC team have been the biggest light in my real estate business! From the first call to the 100th they listen to what you want, don’t pressure the “standard” and create attainable accountability I couldn’t imagine finding anywhere else. I’m grateful for their real estate expertise and even more so for their substantial business acumen. These are a group of elite teachers, professionals, leaders and mentors and I am confident my business wouldn’t be the same without them!

– Allie Parker, Raleigh, NC

Mark Mayer - Engel and Volkers Hilton Head - Review of Middleton Elite Coaching


Bill and his team are coaches that truly understand the business and have the experience to get you to the next level.

– Mark Mayer, Hilton Head Island, SC

Middleton Elite Coaching - Client Review


“Excellent coaching that truly helped my team increase production and efficiency.”

– Damian Vandevender, San Antonio, TX

Middleton Elite Coaching - Client Review


“We have been clients of MEC for 3 years and it has been a phenomenal experience! Our coach pushes us weekly to properly plan, manage our time, and stretch ourselves to achieve our goals. No matter how disciplined you think you are, it always helps to have someone in your corner who can hold you accountable and stretch you to grow! We are grateful for the mentoring, collaboration, one-on-one coaching and group coaching that MEC offers.”

– Shauna Graves, Charlotte, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching Client Review - Zack Bonczek


Zack has been a great coach. He brings industry knowledge and applies it to your everyday business. He also is passionate about the industry. Highly recommend.

– Brandon Blackman, Raleigh, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client testimonial


“Debbie & the whole crew at MEC are exceptional coaches and even better people. As a brokerage owner, I value advice when it comes from people with a solid track record and who understand the industry. As they say, you need to surround yourself with people who will give honest feedback vs. those who just tell you what you want to hear. I’ve found that with Debbie & MEC. As in every business, not all decisions are easy, but it feels good knowing that I’m making the right decisions (with Debbies help). I respect everything about her and consider her not only a colleague and coach but a real friend. Thank you all for everything!”

– Ryan Crecelius, Wilmington, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching - Client Review


“Bill & Middleton Elite are THE best in the business! They provide excellent coaching, resources, and tools that truly took our business to the next level. Highly, highly recommend!”

– Megan Bannister, Greenville, SC

Middleton Elite Coaching client review


“Deciding to pursue coaching with Middleton Elite is the single best decision I have ever made for my business! I have coached for over a year with Zack and my business has grown exponentially and I actually ENJOY coaching! If I could give more stars I would!”

– Jenny Burton, Greenville, SC

Middleton Elite Coaching - Client Review


“MEC is an exceptional company that coaches and encourages all clients to level up. In particular, Debbie Lariviere has led and guided our company with 5 star service, wisdom and unequaled professionalism. Simply put…we are not the company we are today without Debbie’s influence and leadership.”

– Ryan Purvis, Richmond Hill, GA

Middleton Elite Coaching - client review


Bill, Debbie, and their team are fantastic. I have had the pleasure of working with one of their coaches Zane Meadors and it has absolutely boosted my business. I have no doubt that he will continue to be instrumental in my future successes in real estate!

– Rachel Lowe, Raleigh, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client review


“Debbie Lariviere, partner of Middleton Elite Coaching, has been the resource our real estate business has been missing for years. She takes the time to listen and understand our goals and then imparts her wisdom, guidance and motivation to help us achieve them. I am so thankful for her!”

– Brian Simmons, Raleigh, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching - Client Testimonial - Zack Bonczek

 I love Coach Zack! He is a great friend and confidant and I know his heart is in the right place and he has my best interest always.

Zack has seen the best and worst of me and has helped encourage and support me.

My life and business are better because of his talents, professionalism and his abilities to get the very best out of people and their teams. If you have never met Zack or had a coaching session with him, well you’re missing out on a bucket of rocket fuel.

Zack is the best! #middletoneliterocks #rocketfuel #winning

– Kevin Randall, Charlotte, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client review


“I highly recommend Middleton Elite Coaching! Debbie was my coach – her experience and expertise made it an easy decision for me to work with her. Her willingness to focus on key issues helped me excel at the parts of my job that needed attention. If you’re struggling in your career, you owe it to yourself to connect with the team at MEC.”

– Janine Pugh, Wilmington, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client review

 “After nearly twenty years in real estate sales, I was convinced I didn’t need “coaching”. I was doing what seemed to work, and it was. But when I stepped into ownership at my brokerage, I realized I didn’t have any real idea of how to manage the business. Working with Middleton since 2020, I’ve been able to take the lessons I’ve learned from Debbie and the team to get a better handle on all facets of the brokerage business – our roster of producing agents has grown, and those agents have seen an increase in their margins, and our staff has seen expanded roles that allow us to better serve the sales team. In all areas of the business, Middleton has helped me become a better agent, manager, and broker-owner. I can’t recommend enough that if you’re considering coaching, whatever your industry, you do what I did, set aside your ego and preconceptions, and let Middleton help you improve.”

– Jeremy Hart, Blacksburg, VA

Middleton Elite Coaching client review

 “I have been working with Debbie for almost a year. She has been a godsend not just for business but for me personally. I’ve never had a female mentor and it was important to me to have a female business coach. She is a true professional in that she is always in a positive, good mood on our calls. She is always on time and comes to the meetings fully prepared. She holds me accountable for my goals. One of the most crucial things she has helped me with is hiring people and structuring my business for growth. She also has a ton of resources and follows up immediately. There have been times when I need to have an emergency session and she always finds a way to fit me. I feel like I am a priority and that she truly cares about my success. Sometimes I give up one of my sessions for her to coach my assistant. I love that she is willing to help not just me, but my team. Because she is also a Realtor she understands the market conditions and ways to improve my systems and processes. If you are lucky enough to work with Debbie, you will not be disappointed. I always feel seen and heard by her and as much as we entrepreneurs need tough love and accountability, we also need positive affirmation. I feel like Debbie goes above and beyond and intuitively knows what I need on each call- whether that be business or personal. I look forward to our weekly calls and I learn something new each time. I 100% recommend Debbie and Middleton Elite to anyone who is looking to elevate their business and skill set to the next level.”

– Chloe Chiang, Austin, TX

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“You know when you just have an amazing experience and you want to share it!? Well, another AMAZING coaching call with Bill once again! Leaving the call feeling grounded, centered, driven, and inspired! I have an action plan ready to implement. What I love about MEC is they give me a zoomed-out and zoomed-in perspective on many areas.”

– Jenny Rutherford, Tybee Island, GA

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“Seven months into the year, and I’ve already surpassed last year’s goal…and last year was the best year of my career. Thank you Bill and MEC for pushing me and helping me develop strategies on a weekly basis.”

– Brad Spink, Greenville, SC



“Incredibly strong platform for helping any agent, whether new or established, design a plan for building their business. They have helped me stay motivated to push myself to be the best I can be. Would highly recommend this to anyone in the real estate business… these coaches have proven track records in the industry and know how hard this business can be without a plan of action, having systems in place, and accountability! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”

– Sheri Hagerty, Raleigh, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“MEC has helped me figure out how to add more value to my team, how to restructure my splits for my buyer’s agent, and how to add a profit-sharing component for my Director of Operations. I am growing as a leader and I think about things much differently now.”

– Christie Wilkins, Duluth, GA

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“My coaches have collectively over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, and I absolutely love that! They are always full of insight and knowledge, which is always paired with accountability. With the guidance of my coaches, I have built systems to streamline processes that allow me to spend more time generating business. Having a clear plan for my business allows me to be more present with my family and with other projects I am working on.”

– Adam Nicholas, Wilmington, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client review


“I’ve been working with “coach” Debbie Lariviere for 2 years and she was instrumental in helping me transition to a team model, working with me to establish an effective and efficient team structure. My first addition to the team has been a huge success and, in large part, due to Debbie’s continued guidance. She is always quick to respond to questions/concerns outside of our weekly calls. As I’ve said to Debbie, I wish I could have a Debbie chip in my brain as she always knows what to say/do and how/when to do it. Thanks Debbie!!”

– Skip Slocum, Blacksburg, VA

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“Because of everything we have learned from MEC, our sales have increased and more importantly, our social media presence is reflecting new business from beyond our sphere. MEC’s mentoring, and unbiased guidance are invaluable when it comes to helping us make decisions & finding solutions.”

– Bob and Pheobe Chambers, Mount Pleasant, SC

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“MEC has empowered us to be forward-thinking on technology and the ability to direct our team in directions that are needed. My coach rallies the troops and gives them confidence to grow. Because of MEC, we are getting leads in new ways, while still getting them from established ways.”

– Joshua Grove, Cary, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“Bill & Debbie are the BEST in the business! They truly focus on your whole being, not just business. It’s great to be successful, but not if it’s costing you your family or your mental health. They are adamant about helping you find that balance to help you be successful AND enjoy the fruits of your hard work and avoid mental burnout.”

– Amy White, Richmond Hill, GA

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“I anxiously agreed to meet with Bill and Debbie. The last year has been far from easy, and I have faced challenges that I never saw coming, however, Bill and Debbie did. Prior to this experience, I wasn’t a big believer in being coached. Now, I can’t imagine not having my weekly coaching calls and being a part of the MEC family.”

– Kelly Wirt, Burlington, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client review


“MEC has been wonderful at helping with team building and team management advice. My business went from an independent agent doing about $4M in production to the #2 team in my office after only 2 years in coaching! Now in year 5, I am more productive with my time and have a much more positive outlook on my business and life. I can’t wait to see what this year brings.”

– Brooks Warner, Lansing, MI

Middleton Elite Coaching client review


“Debbie is a fantastic coach! Our team has used her for years and I personally have coached with her for 6 months. She always comes to the table with fresh ideas and challenges me to grow my business. She even breaks down my goals into manageable chunks and tells me what I need to do weekly to meet those goals so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I promise you’ll be in great hands with Middleton Elite Coaching.”

– Shelbi McKinzie, Richmond Hill, GA

Middleton Elite Coaching - Client Review


“The most valuable thing about my MEC coaching experience is that my coach has done the hard work of getting to know me as a person first, deeply and authentically, in order to know how to make me a better real estate agent. In the surface world we live in, I feel like Debbie has been able to reach me on a relational level. She has found the perfect balance of motivating me to be my best, yet understanding and giving grace with me to achieve my goals. Also, our business has improved by $8M per year. My life has also improved in so many ways by having Debbie as a coach and an advocate. She is able to give me perspective, guidance, and direction that I would never be able to have without her.”

– Christy Bradshaw-Iverson, Concord, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client review


“My MEC coach offers a great balance between general advice and best Real Estate practices, but also answers to my personal, specific questions and challenges. Bill does a great job of meeting me where I am while challenging me to stretch and be bigger and better every day. I have become more focused and know exactly what to do to keep the pipeline full no matter what the market is doing around me.”

– Tracy Carter, Burlington, NC

Middleton Elite Coaching client review


“Having someone that always has my best interest in mind is invaluable. MEC builds plans around my strengths and my coach is a great motivator. Our market share has grown with less spending, making our company more profitable.”

– Jason McLendon, Greenwood, SC

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“Bill and Debbie are the real deal. What I like about Middleton is they don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to improving your business. They work to help improve you no matter what your situation.”

– Michael McGivern, Minneapolis, MN

Middleton Elite Coaching client reviews


“Time is money, right? With prior coaching companies, I felt like the 30-minute weekly calls weren’t enough time for me to really dig deep into anything, really. The 45-50 minute calls (now 1 hour) with my MEC Coach allow for real explorations into any topic. I feel empowered after each call and definitely feel like I’m getting back 10x what I spend on coaching.”

– Brian Parker, Savannah, GA

Middleton Elite Coaching client review


“The informed approach that is taken to my individual business is the best out there. No canned responses…MEC has taken the time to get to know me with all of my strengths and weaknesses and worked to help me find the best path to achieve my goals. Debbie keeps me accountable, and doesn’t let me off the hook easily.”

– Lisa Quin, Apex, NC

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