:The 4 Points of Retention - Recruiting


Four Points of Retention (Recruiting)

Middleton Elite Coaching – January 2021


Congratulations! You have made the decision to add to your team in order to grow your business. The time has come to recruit top-level talent. 

It is important to make sure that the talent you recruit is qualified for the position, is happy with the compensation they receive, and happy with the work they are doing. 

If all of this sounds a bit overwhelming, watch Coach Bill’s  6-part video series on the The 4 Points of Retention



1. The first point of retention is INCOME

Your organization’s team members have to feel that they are working for an income level that is comfortable. This compensation is commensurate with their experience and the value they bring to the team.

Watch: The Four Points of Retention – Income

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 2. The second point of retention is TIME

Your organization’s team members have to feel that they enjoying the amount of time they spend working. They value the time that is spent performing the work they do, as well as the time they get to spend in their personal lives.

To ensure that Time is not a retention risk for your next hire, the answers to the questions below will be “YES”. 

  1. Can I work the number of hours I want to work and still succeed in your world?
  2. Am I able to work the number of days I want to work and still succeed in your world?
  3. How can I still have the personal time (for family, myself, my life priorities) that I want to have and still succeed in your world?


Watch:  The Four Points Of Retention – Time



3. The third point of retention is TASKS

Think of tasks as high job satisfaction. Ask your team members to make note of the things below in 3 columns. 

  1.  Enjoy 
  2.  Not good at and/or don’t enjoy
  3. Tasks that are not worth their time/compensation


Ideally, you should strive to keep your team members at 80% or more of their time in Column 1 and about 20% in Column 2 & 3.

If you can keep the people in your organization in Column 1, you will attract and keep people who are satisfied. 

Watch The Four Points of Retention – Tasks


4. The fourth point of retention is ENVIRONMENT

Create an environment where people spring out of bed to go to work each day. 

The ideal environment has:

  1. Core Values
    1. Attract and keep people who value the same things your company values. 
  2. People – we want to interact with these people every day. Positive energy for the environment. 
  3. Communication Style- there has to be a comfortable, open, transparent, foundational level of trust

If we can keep a great environment create an environment like this and you will retain your quality team. 

WATCH: The Four Points of Retention – Environment


Mistakes and Retention Risks

There are some Mistakes and Retention Risks you can look out for. Watch here to determine the points of disconnect and how to avoid these mistakes. 

WATCH:  The Four Points of Retention – Mistakes and Retention Risks

Check-in with your team members twice per year to see how they are living out the four points of retention.

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