The 4 Ps – People

Planning For The Growth of Your Business With Your Team

Middleton Elite Coaching – January 2021


The people within your organization are just as important as your customers, products, and services. 

Planning for the growth of your team is an essential part of planning for the growth of your business.

It is likely you will need to add to your team when the needs of your business change, and as your customer base grows. 

Recruiting and hiring is a pain point for many organizations. The process of hiring can be quite involved and sometimes costly.

It is important to assess the needs of your business both right now, as well as 1-2 years from now.  Doing so will provide an insight as to how to scale your team. 


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Hiring Ahead of Your Growth Curve – 

At some point in your business, you may have had to hire out of necessity. 

You likely sold yourself short If you added to your team out of necessity instead of taking the time to recruit and find true talent. 

When possible, try hard to find additional talented team members ahead of the curve.  This will ensure you can later be in business with people who are going to grow with you. 

To get ahead of the curve, take a step back and assess the current needs of your business. Find the areas you need the most help, and look for the gaps. 

Earlier we covered ‘Could Do – Should Do – Must Do’ . Take a look at your Must Do list to help you find those gaps. 

One way to plan for the growth of your business is to look for opportunities to restructure within your organization. Do you have a talented team member who may want to take on additional responsibilities or thrive in another role? 


Time To Hire

If you have taken the above steps and find you still need to grow your team, it is time to hire. 

The first place we recommend looking for talent is through your personal contact list, your database, your inner sphere, or your team of professionals. 

This is a great opportunity to reach out to your contacts and give them an update on your growth. You can give them a list of criteria and characteristics you are looking for in your next hire, and ask them who they know. 

TIP: If you are looking to hire through a job board or hiring service, we recommend WizeHire.  WizeHire posts your job to over 60 job boards and sites and is customizable to your business. 

Now let’s say you have posted your job and are beginning to attract candidates. You may find that you have many resumes and applicants to filter through. There may be quite a few that stood out to you and met all criteria you were looking for. You are ready for our 10-5-3-1 Hiring method. 




Hiring using 10-5-3-1 

Once you have filtered through your resumes, try to narrow them down to your top 10.

Begin to grow your team by conducting screening interviews by phone with your top 10 candidates. 


10 → Screening Interview phone calls with people who look good on paper

Conduct the interview by asking all 10 candidates the same questions. 

Coach Debbie likes to use the WEIGH method for asking the following 5 questions – 



W- What is your work experience?

E- What is your education?

I- What are your interests outside of work?

G- Tell me about a goal(s) you’ve set and what steps you took to accomplish it.

H – What are your habits?


From these 5 interviews, narrow the list down to your top 5 candidates. 



5 → You can now conduct In-depth, in-person interviews supplemented with behavioral assessment(s)

You can conduct interviews with your top 5 candidates In person or via Zoom.

If you choose, you can use behavioral assessments such as DISC to help you ask questions specific to each of the candidates. 

 Ask each candidate to share their experiences and to tell you how they have navigated conflicts in the past. Now ask them how they have reached successes. The purpose of this interview is to match their behavior, core values, and goals with those of your business. 

From these 5 interviews, narrow the list of candidates down to 3. 


3 → Second, in-depth, in-person interviews 

Conduct a more in-depth second interview, in person with each of the 3 candidates and the team leads. It is important to determine work style, ideal environment, ideal income level, and the tasks they most enjoy.  You learned about the importance of these factors in The 4 Points Of Retention.


From these 3 interviews, you and your team should be able to narrow the candidates down to 1. 

This is the person you will add to your team. 


1 → Talented person added to the Team

Cue the confetti! Your team has grown!

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