The First 12 Months: The Proven Outcomes of The MEC Coaching Experience

The Middleton Elite Coaching Gameplan For Your First 12 Months in Our Customized Coaching Programs

Even the greatest athletes and entrepreneurs have coaches. The coach-client relationship is the foundation for successful goal setting. It allows us to increase our expectations and stay motivated. However, before you can gain momentum, success, and greatness, you must first take action.  What can you expect during the first 12 months of building a solid foundation for a longer-term business coaching relationship with Middleton Elite Coaching?  (Click To View and Download this list in PDF)

We believe there are two primary threats to our forward-moving momentum:

1. The things that we don’t know that we don’t know… said a slightly different way… the mistakes one makes because they don’t know any better.  The cost of those errors can be expensive, time-consuming, or both.

2. The things that we know for sure that just aren’t so (or as Mark Twain so eloquently put it – It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You Into Trouble. It’s What You Know for Sure That Just Ain’t So)…

The person who “knows they are right” only to find out later that they were wrong. Coaching is about challenging one’s assumptions. 

The First 12 Months: Proven Outcomes For The First Year in Middleton Elite Coaching

The framework of the MEC business model is The 4Ps; Productivity, Projects, People, and Personal. This model helps clients achieve success. We guide them to identify, understand, and eliminate their blind spots. This leads to increased efficiency, productivity, and profits.

The model above outlines a 3-stage process. You and your Middleton Elite Coach will customize this program. It will be completed within the first 12 months of working with us. These stages are Launch, Build, and Scale.

You can achieve a lot in the first 90 days of working with Middleton Elite Coaching. In 6 months, you can expect to see even more success. After 12 months, you will have grown even further. 

Launch Phase (The First 90 Days)

In the first 90 days, your coach will work with you in establishing and growing the following areas of your business:


  • Clearly-defined near-term, intermediate, and long-range goals.
  • Understand and track the 5 Critical Numbers for your business.
  • Evaluate and refine your organizational chart for consistency and growth.
  • Create accountability measures and an action plan, including timelines, for reaching your desired outcomes (profitability, database, technology, productivity, hiring).
  • Establish and enhance areas for increased lead generation and conversion with current and new audiences.
  • Create strategies for working in the areas that motivate you and leveraging areas that diminish your productivity.
  • Assess the blind spots in your business for you as a leader and your staff.
  • Utilize the MEC tracking system for live updates on your progress YTD and projected income.
  • Assess the Profit & Loss for your business to differentiate expenses from investments.
  • Create a gameplan for the upcoming 90-day period based on success and the need for scale.
  • Clarify your company’s value proposition, core values, culture, expectations, and best practices.
The First 12 Months: Proven Outcomes For The First Year in Middleton Elite Coaching

Build Phase  (3-9 Months)

During the first 3-9 months, your coach will work with you to increase production and efficiencies and grow your organization chart, if necessary.

  • Consistency in connecting with the database and in growing the database.
  • Execution of structured lead generation and follow-up plans.
  • Focus on growing and recruiting to the future organizational chart.
  • Strengthing the digital presence and marketing efforts.
  • Refine your marketing plan and leverage it to execute meeting the goals.
  • Create a game plan for living a more balanced life and business.
  • Growth in leadership skills to improve the work environment, accountability, resolution of conflict, and gain results. 
  • Increased tracking of goal to actual with key metrics for the team and staff.
  • Create or enhance training and development plans for your team.
  • Implement additional systems to attract a “haven’t met” audience.
  • Execution of client events to generate additional revenue and charitable donations.
  • Leverage and delegate tasks that are not included in your highest dollar-producing activities.
The First 12 Months: Proven Outcomes For The First Year in Middleton Elite Coaching

Scale Phase (6 Months – 1 Year)

By 12 months into coaching (the Scale phase), it is possible for you to:

  • Examine your systems and processes to adjust based on your future-casted business model.
  • Refine your business plan with metrics, a strategic financial model, and an updated organizational chart to support a scalable future.
  • Leverage capital to attract investors or partners.
  • Determine who, when, and how to hire in the next 12 months. This should be based on your vision for the company one year ahead.
  • Create A Pathway to Leadership or additional opportunities for all members of your organization.
  • Develop leaders from within your organization if the goals and talent are aligned.
  • Attract and develop leaders from outside your organization to promote scaling the business.
  • Reinvest in the right technology and systems to support the scale growth phase.
  • Maximize automation and management of workflows to support company growth. 
  • Enhance the workplace environment to promote productivity and job satisfaction.

This applies to agents, teams, brokerages, property managers, lending and finance professionals and other businesses. You can scale to increase production through growth or through leverage – you can scale to a partnership or to an exit. This phase is yours, though you don’t have to do it alone.

The First 12 Months: Proven Outcomes For The First Year in Middleton Elite Coaching

Final Thought

We urge you to reconsider your assumptions. Even Mark Twain realized that the truth is often elusive. Business owners want to avoid potential trouble. They plan for the future of their business. 

Our goal is to help you keep up the progress in the first year of our coaching relationship. This will prevent costly and time-consuming mistakes. We will help you launch, build, and scale into your desired future.

Connect with us to get started!

Be Elite!

Bill & The MEC Team