This week is all about The Grit Required to Thrive.  For some, the adrenaline rush of preparing for the changing market has worn off.  For others, that rush is just beginning.  Either way, now’s the time for the continuous, focused burn.  This is a marathon (with a series of sprints built into it).  As you’re organizing the week(s) ahead, consider 4 buckets… we call them the 4Ps.

  1. Productivity (lead gen, marketing)
  2. Projects (anything with an end date)
  3. People (internal and external)
  4. Personal (you, outside of work)
Now’s the time to be focused on Winning the Week.

This Week’s (Virtual) Live Events

Streaming Live at

Digital Wednesday – 1pm EDT

Coach Ben Mathis will cover the importance of video and video tours of listings in these unprecedented times.  We’ll talk about the WHY and the HOW of executing on building a vast listing content library, even if you don’t have a ton of listings.

Live Music Thursday – 5pm EDT

Our friends John Brewster and Connor Hollifield will join us this week for an extended session of Live Music Thursday (a.k.a. Happy Hour).  Familiar tunes, original songs, and top-notch guitar playing.

Thought Leader Friday – 12noon EDT

Mike Ashcraft is the Senior Pastor of Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC.  Aside from building one of the most successful Churches in the Country, Mike also enjoys speaking with Business Leaders.  His keynote speech at the MEC Business Building and Leadership Summit was a crowd favorite.  Join us as Mike discusses how to personally Thrive through challenging times.

What We’re Reading

Grit is not talent.

Grit is not luck.

Grit is not how intensely, for the moment, you want something.

Grit IS… a goal you care about so much that it organizes and gives meaning to almost everything you do… and holding steadfast to that goa


What it means to by Gritty

To be gritty, in my view, is to have passion and perseverance about something in your life. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily engage in all possible pursuits with equivalent passion and perseverance. And indeed, the limits of time and energy suggest that focusing on one thing means focusing less on others.

You can’t pursue becoming a great pianist and at the same time a great mathematician, and a great sprinter and chef and philosopher…But it’s also true, I think, that to be gritty means to pursue something with consistency of interest and effort. Some people choose not to pursue anything in a committed way, and that, to me, is lack of grit.- Angela Duckworth


If you’re looking for a little throwback jam, you’re welcome.


?Since we all need a Pep Talk from time to time?


The Parting Shot… Low Hanging Fruit

Now’s the time to shake the tree and see what falls off.  Many agents are sitting on a stack (pond, bucket) of old leads ranging from cold to luke warm… specifically old buyer leads.  Here’s how to find the low hanging fruit. Text blast (via or similar platform) the following message: Hey there!  Quick question… are you still interested in buying a home in the _______ (area)? [insert your signature] Typically, we see 10-20% reply yes.  Of those who say yes, another 10% end up being buyers in the next 60 days, some of them immediate.  So, 1000 leads gets to 100-200 YESes.  100-200 YES gets to 10-20 now/short-pipeline buyers… all from a text blast. ?
Happy Hunting!