What is the Viral Agent Formula?

 As social media has proven time and time again to have an affect on businesses and productivity, we have also seen more and more demand for a way to find the “secret sauce”. Many times instead of perfecting the system, process, and design of the brand, individuals will pump money into “boosting” or buying ads and leads. We have also connected success to how many followers we have. 

This is Not the Way!

 In this program I am flipping the script and I’m going to share with you all of my SECRETS to increasing lead flow, designing business on your time, and how to prospect in your sleep. At the end of the day it all comes down to content, consistency, and follow up. 

What to Expect:

 This is a full blueprint to implement in your business to increase sales without sacrificing more time. I will explain the 5 steps to successful social media branding and prospecting and HOW to be productive every week. This is a self-paced program you can either binge-watch back to back or take step by step, implementing as you learn. Using these same systems, I was able to STOP cold calling, STOP chasing down fake phone numbers, stop paying for leads, and instead START getting daily calls from people who want to talk to me, START organizing my week and how I want to work. I closed multiple six figures in the first year (with seven figures in the pipeline)! 

What You Will Receive from Kaila:

  • Unstoppable Content Planning Blueprint – Learn to create content that engages the RIGHT audience and creates leads.
  • Content Creation Master Class – Uncover the secrets to putting together Viral content in just a few minutes.
  • From Zero to Influencer: Social Media for Success Framework – Create lads WITHOUT spending money! Set up your social media profiles to stop the scroll and start the calls.
  • AI Accelerator Cheat Codes – Uncover how AI can cut your workload into a fraction of time and increase lead flow.
  • Evergreen Video Elite System – Utilize my simple process to schedule all of your content to save time and have the phone ringing off the hook.
  • Fortune Follow-Up Framework – Track, Manage, and uncover new business from old leads while increasing profitability. Higher conversions for your new leads.


What You Will Receive from Middleton Elite Coaching:

  • A digital content evaluation and content marketing plan.
  • A comprehensive Brand Voice Report.
  • A 60-minute session to implement your Brand Voice Report and content marketing plan.
  • Ongoing support from our Ops & Marketing team to ensure success in the course.


Are You Ready?

 If you are ready to create your brand, make an impact, stand out in the crowd of noise that social media has created, sign up TODAY and gain elite access to the Viral Agent Formula!

Download Kaila’s FREE Resource – 30 YouTube Video Topics – just for you!

The 30 YouTube Video Topics mentioned in this resource are the videos proven to increase engagement on your videos.



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