The Elite Webinar Series was designed to help you elevate your real estate game, outrun the competition, and stay on top of the market!

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The Future of Real Estate: 3 Strategies to Reinvent Your Business

Join us for a half-day interactive workshop on Zoom!

Are you ready to thrive in an era of compressed commissions and mission-critical communication? This virtual workshop is designed specifically for real estate professionals, including agents and leaders, to equip you with the strategies and tools you need for future success.

Workshop Details:

  • Date: Wednesday, July 24th
  • Time: 12:00 pm – 3:00 PM ET (with a 15-minute break)
  • Platform: Zoom

Interactive Workshop Agenda:

  • Session 1: Commission Changes & Future Planning: Philosophy and Math
  • Session 2: Value Proposition & Storytelling – an interactive session with exercises and group discussion
  • Session 3: Scenario Planning & Objection Handling – an interactive session with scripts, role-play, commission scenarios, and exercises.
  • The Action Plan & Q&A

Why Attend?

  • Gain Stamina: Learn how to maintain energy and focus in a changing market.
  • Future Planning: Adapt your commission models and create robust future strategies.
  • Become Your Brand Author: Tell a more connective story about your business and the value you provide. Leave no detail compromised in positioning your business as the clear choice in your market.
  • Equip & Prepare: Prepare your response to commission conversations and scenarios, both that we’ve seen and those that are sure to present themselves.
  • Effective Leadership: Enhance your leadership skills to guide your team through changing (or unchanging) markets.

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      June 2024

      This replay is for you if:

      • You’d like to learn what true value is and isn’t, and how to consistently deliver it to your clients.

      • You want to become a relentless provider of value, ensuring you build strong, lasting relationships with buyers and sellers.

      • You would like to learn the essential dos and don’ts of client relationships, helping you avoid common pitfalls and secure more business.

      April 2024

      This replay is for you if:

      • You want to hear 5 key predictions about the future of real estate.
      • You need a 5-step action plan to navigate the era of compressed commissions.
      • You’re interested in research-backed insights and opinions on current industry trends.
      • You’ve read the article “Thriving In The Era of Compressed Commissions” and want to dive deeper into the ideas discussed.
      • You’re open to exploring diverse perspectives and forming informed opinions.
      • You’re preparing for potentially challenging times and want to equip yourself with strategies for success.
      • You believe in the power of talent and innovation to thrive in any market conditions.
      • You’re ready to reinvent yourself and your business to stay ahead of the competition.

      March 2024

      This replay is for you if:

      – You are a real estate agent looking to level up your lead generation game without the hassle of cold calling.

      – You want to attract more clients through compelling content.

      – You believe in working smarter, not harder.

      – You have a deep desire to leverage your marketing so it generates leads while you sleep.

      – You want to regain your nights and weekends and reduce work hours.

      – You believe there MUST be a way to generate buyer and seller leads effortlessly with video marketing.

      JANUARY 2024

      Ever wondered how to break through to the buyer and seller prospects on the sidelines and leave your competition behind? Creating Urgency: How to Get Buyer and Seller Prospects Off the Fence w/ MEC Founder + Head Coach Bill Middleton covers:

      – Beat the Competition Discover strategies to dominate the spring market.

      – Market Insights Understand the current real estate market and its future direction.

      – Prospecting Power Learn how to discover more motivated prospects for immediate business.

         OCTOBER 2023

      Leading From Within: Boosting Morale and Performance In Real Estate Teams In a recent live webinar hosted by Middleton Elite Coaching, Matt Cuccaro, a performance psychologist who works with athletes and business leaders, and Shaun Rawls, a real estate consultant and former CEO of the number one real estate company in the state of Georgia.

          SEPTEMBER 2023

      Predictions for Q4 2023 and 2024 real estate market: #1 Transaction count set to modestly rise #2 Mortgage rates stabilizing around 6-7% #3 Baby Boomers impacting market significantly #4 Rent and move up strategy advised for future wealth #5 Inventory shortage persists. Explore this and more in our video series by MEC founder Bill Middleton.

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      What Agents & Team Leaders Say About Working With Us

      “Bill and the team are absolutely amazing! They’ve helped us so much providing tools, ideas, and perspective that would have taken us much longer to discover on our own. Growing a team is tough and being able to lean on a coaching team with experience like Middleton Elite Coaching is invaluable.”

       “MEC has been wonderful at helping with team-building and team-management advice. After only two years of coaching, my business went from an independent agent doing about $4M in production to the #2 team in my office! In year 5, I am more productive with my time and have a much more positive outlook on my business and life. I can’t wait to see what this year brings.”

      “MEC has helped me figure out how to add more value to my team, restructure my splits for my buyer’s agent, and add a profit-sharing component for my Director of Operations. I am growing as a leader, and I think about things much differently now.”